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Being the wounded city of wars, Beauvais is now the capital Oise Department, and it still entertains its visitors with its attractive medieval buildings. Apart from the Catholic Church, there are other interesting places to visit in Beauvais which thoroughly entertains you. Visitors from foreign soil or even those who come from neighbouring cities can avail our reliable shuttle services in Beauvais, France to visit these coolest spots and fill your memories with eternal cherishment.

Top 5 Spots to visit in Beauvais

Catholic Church
Beauvais Cathedral Church is still the masterpiece of the city despite being decimated by various wars its tower was once the tallest amongst all the Churches in Europe, but it got defected during the war in the year 1573. This 15th-century artistic monument of France is still the centre grasping lots of tourist towards it and having the tallest choir in the world with 48metres. Acquire the best airport shuttle service in Beauvais, France from us to look and feel this majestic sculpt of gothic art.

Astronomical Clock
Another impressive work situated in Beauvais that makes jaw wide open for sure. Unlike other regular kinds of astronomical clocks, this one is completely unique with several striking features. It took three complete years (1865-1868) with 52 dials and using this clock you can easily predict the position of the planets, predict the time of 18 different cities across the globe, and most importantly it assists you in cracking golden numbers. You can also witness the medieval clock constructed in 14th-century and found to be the oldest in Europe. Avail our reliable airport pickup service in Beauvais, France to view this astonishing work.

The Mudo museum is another finest spot to visit in Beauvais which has also got slightly decimated in the 13th-century revolt. Earlier to 13th-century this place used to be the official residence for Bishops of Beauvais, this building got finally renovated in 2015, holding some of the greatest 19th-century fine arts like Sisley and Camille Corot. Don’t forget to witness the 17th-century marble tomb of Charles Fresnoy in this building. We provide top quality shuttle service in Beauvais, France to help you visit this excellent spot.

St. Eglise
Another scintillating church from Beauvais, France which literally gives you goose bumps when you enter into its stands, this 11th-century worship centre has stood strong and long for years and has faced many revolts and wars. The wooden choirs and glass windows are a real treat to watch. We can sense your adrenal rush to view this beautiful place, and we guide you through our exceptional airport pickup service in Beauvais, France.

Roman Ruins
Another church added up to the list and found to be the oldest in France constructed in the mid of 900s, this one is popularly known as Roman Ruins, as it is literally decimated. Roman and Medieval invasions have completely damaged this church, and the left-over is the re-construction made during the early 1500s. Residing below the Rue-saint Pierre, this place is still the better one to visit for its calmness.

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